Take yourself out.

On some days, you just need to stop, shut everything out and spend some time with yourself.
Do something for yourself today and only with yourself. 💁

☕️ Go to your favourite cafe and have that coffee. Just you (and maybe a book if you like).
🌄 Drive away to a quiet spot on a tiny peak somewhere and enjoy the sunset.
🎨 Spend the day surrounding yourself with colours and a blank canvas and see what you turn it into.
🐶 Go buy some treats and spend some time at a dog shelter.

Just do something. Anything.
Where you get to either think about yourself or the movement of the clouds or simply stare at your feet.
Don’t post about it or click pictures or tell anyone. Just do it and remember that feeling.

Those few moments of really letting yourself go and not thinking about anything or anyone else around you, will liberate you. 🌈

FullSizeRender 4

(Picture of me by Royd Tauro taken in Bali)


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